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IMG_1006Committed to enhance the remuneration system in Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Mohammad Bisri, MS, open the UB’s Continuanuation Workshop of Remuneration Applications . In this workshop, not less than 200 operators throughout UB uniform and synergize their perception of remuneration system and application, Prof.Ir.Suryono Auditorium 2nd Floor FT-UB Building, (28 / Des / 2016).

In his speech, the Rector discussed the importance of this workshop to gain direct input from the operator in respect of the Remuneration Applications.

“the operators from respective faculties and departments are those who best understand the circumstances and peculiarities of each of its division, if there are things that have not been included in the remuneration system which we will simulate today, please point it out as inputs” Said the Professor of Water Engineering.

At this workshop Achmad Basuki, S.T, M.MG, Ph.D, lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB acts as presenters. All participants are required to bring a portable computer respectively, and directly perform simulations to calculate the remuneration.

The whole event starts at 09.30 and closed at 15.00 pm. It is planned that the Remuneration will take effect immediately at the UB in 2017. (emis)

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