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In this globalization and sophisticated technology era, social media definitely involves in every aspect of human life. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, social media is forms of electronic communication (such as websites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (such as videos). Based on that definition, social media could provide an opportunity to be utilized for accelerating internationalization process in FTUB and to make FTUB become a reputable education institution in Indonesia. However, the most important thing in accelerating the internationalization process is the encouragement of the entire academics in FTUB itself. Besides that, FTUB must also be able to adapt to the current situation and conditions in which one of them is by utilizing social media.

In the field of research, academics in FTUB can take advantage of social media to promote what they have resulted from their research work. Social media can help our research reach more people. Academics in FTUB can engage with an expert in meaningful conversation using social media, as well. Therefore, academics in FTUB can receive a feedback from other researcher in the same field which can create an opportunity to increase the number of research in FTUB by research collaboration. Academics in FTUB can communicate their research work using Researchgate and Linkedin. Thus, Vice Dean of Academics Affair of FTUB should encourage them to create Researchgate and Linkedin account from now on.

Dean of FTUB can issue some strategic policies to support this accelerating process for example: Encouraging and increasing the willingness of all academics in FTUB to do and disseminate their research in reputable international journal and share it to social media. Thus, the research activity in FTUB will be known, acknowledged, and cited by other academics which will affect the number of citation for academic in FTUB. This should be supported with sustainable research funding and adequate research facilities.

Moreover, social media can become an effective and efficient communication media to promote all of FTUB achievement including national and international acknowledgement and accreditation. This will build a social image or brand for FTUB which can convince to the community that FTUB is a reliable and convenience institution for an academics and non-academics collaboration with other universities both national and international. It will make FTUB become an internationally recognized academic institution. Social media can be utilized for communication media with FTUB alumni around the world as well. This will give an opportunity for alumni to give their opinion and suggestion for national and international standardized curriculum development in order to make FTUB more reputable and become an eminent institution in the field of engineering in Asia.

1st Winner of Article Writing Competition 2017 FT-UB
Rama Oktavian, ST., M.Sc.
Lecturer of Chemical Engineering FT-UB

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