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IMG_0519SMA Negeri Tangerang visited the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. The group was welcomed by the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs FT Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D and staff of Public Relations FT at the Auditorium Prof. Ir.Suryono.

Through their representatives, the schools also expressed their admiration for FT-UB. “It cannot be denied that UB has long been the campus of our students’ dreams. There are also many of our alumni in FT, so we hope that introducing the campus early on to the tenth grade students can provide motivation to continue their studies,” said Zaiafrul, S.Pd Vice Principal of Students Affairs SMANĀ  14 Tangerang that afternoon.

A similar thing was expressed by Ishardita Pambudi Tama. “Achievement is one of the considerations of the university in accepting new students. Besides that, don’t worry about being expensive, there are many scholarships in UB. One of them here we also accept Bidik Misi students, they can be submitted from high school. Besides the entrance fees and school fees you will also receive pocket money each month,” he explained motivating hundreds of students.

That afternoon, there were also representatives of Student Executive Body (BEM) who gave a deeper picture of campus life in Malang, especially FT-UB. “In high school I was somewhat underachieved. But after being accepted as an Electrical Engineering student, the atmosphere here made me want to achieve more. You must be truly independent, active, and don’t forget to always motivate yourself,” said one of the Coordinators of BEM FT-UB, Haryono.

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