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After winning awards at KMHE, the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) won first place again. This time, it was FTUB’s Aerokreasi Team’s turn to get 1st place in the Indonesia Flying Robot Contest (KRTI) 2019 in the Racing Plane Category. For the Racing Plane category, it was held at the Grati Indonesian Air Force Field, Pasuruan Regency, East Java.

This contest is an annual contest organized by Kemenristekdikti. This year KRTI was held on 1-6/Oct/2019 with the host of Surabaya State University (UNESA).

Aerokreasi Team participated in 2 categories, namely Fixed Wing with 25 competitors  and Racing Plane with 24 competitors teams. The team in the fixed wing category was a joint team of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The Fixed Wing category competes in airplanes with the mission of monitoring and mapping with the theme of areas affected by disasters. The Racing Plane category is to race aircraft so they can fly autonomously  as fast as possible while remaining within the determined track.

“Racing plane category require us to race quickly on the track with the phases of take-off, manual flight, autonomous flight, and finally landing with payload,” said the supervisor, Dr. Eng Moch. Agus Choiron.

He added, the FTUB Team was ahead of the other teams because it was able to turn at a sharp radius because the ailerons and elevators installed in the aircraft were able to help the aircraft maneuver when turning back at the gate 700 meters. With a race length of around 1,400 meters, the team was able to race within 48 seconds.

In addition, Aerokreasi Team Leader, Muhammad Taufiq Luqman added that his team excels on on-track indicators, in which the aircraft may not get out of the area that has been determined as a valid race requirement.

“Our aircraft excels at being able to keep flying even in Tail-Wind conditions such as at the race venue where there are several other teams that are not successful in that condition. We managed to outperform the speed of our opposing teams by a time difference of approximately 4 seconds faster,” he explained.

Taufiq said, preparations had been carried out since February 2019. Starting from the research of track design, systems, and manufacturing that fit the needs of each category.

“In addition to making track, routine test-flight is needed in order to find out the characteristics of the track we make, both weaknesses and strengths that can be obtained so that the track can make our aircraft complete the mission optimally. Our reference is to be able to exceed the achievements of the last champion. After passing through 2 stages of selection, we finally passed and had the chance to perform at KRTI 2019,” added this 7th semester student.

Taufiq hopes, to further improve the quality of research so that it can produce a better vehicle next year and be able to participate in several categories that are still not followed and pursue the overall champion of KRTI next year.

Mr. Choi continued that continued research is needed for stabilization, launch materials and design. According to him, his team needs funding support to purchase components and trials, so it needs to be included as a research to support innovation and research sustainability.

For information, in the final, UB met with a team from Yogyakarta State University, while the 3rd place was won by the Andalas University Padang team. (Meg/mic)

Adapted from: http://kanal24.co.id/read/unggul-di-manuver-robot-ub-sabet-juara-1-krti