Penalties and the creation of new industrial zones became one of Jokowi’s government programs. With the scattered industrial centers, the economy is expected to grow evenly. One of the implementation is the opening of 14 new industrial estates outside of Java.

“Outside Java has the potential to establish new industrial centers and this is an opportunity for machine makers,” said Sugeng Santoso, Expert Staff in Maritime Economics, Maritime and Investment Minister (16/Nov/2019).

The fourteen areas include the Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate for CPO and Aluminum, the Hedgehog Industrial Estate for rubber and CPO, the Bitung Bay Industrial Estate for logistics and agro, the Konawe Industrial Estate for ferronickel smelters, stainless steel.

All of these places according to Sugeng need reliable human resources in the field of machinery to function as intended as a productive industrial area. Of course a variety of new machines and technologies will be present in the region in order to become a competitive region.

“The existing technology and machinery must of course be good, efficient, fuel-friendly and of course require reliable and qualified operator HR,” continued the ’87 Mechanical Engineering alumni.

For this reason, he hopes that all Mechanical Engineering students will always renew their abilities and have an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Innovative and entrepreneurial support for the technical capabilities of machinery. This happens because in an industrial area many aspects or multiple fields have taken place and all must be compact, solid and efficient so that output from the industrial estate appears competitive with products from other countries.

“When it is done in the field, many technical matters can be solved by an innovation and entrepreneurship approach,” concluded Sugeng. (mic)