Tim SiCo

Brawijaya students succeed in making innovative tools for human sterilization from viruses and germs. The tool is called SICO (Corona Brush). SICO was made by 7 students majoring in Mechanical Engineering Universitas Brawijaya in just one to two days.

They are Muhammad Arief Hidayat, Rafi Ramaditya, and Syahrizal Maulana, all of whom are 2016 Mechanical Engineering students, and Ferdiansyah Male Nugroho, Gilang Wisnu Syah Putra, Achmad Alwan Hidayat, and Vicky Ihza Mahendra who are from the 2017 class.

One of the SICO Production Team, Arief told, that the beginning of making this tool was an initiation from the Mayor of Malang, Drs.Sutiaji, who asked the Faculty of Engineering through Prof. Muhammad Bisri (Lecturer in Water Resources Engineering) to immediately make a human sterilizer.

Prof. Muhammad Bisri who is also a former Rector of UB asked the Mechanical Engineering lecturer Dr. Sugiarto ST. MT and Dr. Eng. Eko Siswanto ST. MT. to realize these tools in collaboration with students of Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory Assistant in Mechanical Engineering FT UB.

SICO is a chamber-shaped human sterilizer. The principle works is when someone enters the room, then push the switch to turn on the faucet or nozzle. After the nozzles are in live mode, liquid mist or vapor will come out to sterilize the human body.

“So, after someone enters and pushes the switch, a liquid mist or vapor containing 70 percent alcohol will come out to sterilize the person. This spraying only lasts for 3-4 seconds, then to turn off the nozzles, push back the same switch, simple,” explained Arief.

He continued, this room has 2 doors, which is use as an entrance and exit. So, people who have been sterilized will come out through a different door.

SICO frame is made of holo iron. This iron was chosen because it is currently in an emergency condition. Holo iron is formed into a rectangle or block lined with walls. The left and right side walls use glass fiber. SICO has a width of 1 × 1 meter and a height of 2.4 meters.

Wednesda, March 18, 2020, the SICO prototype was tested at Malang City Hall. As a result, there needs to be an improvement in the spraying device so that more maximum fog or steam emits.

After the trial, the seven students immediately repaired the spraying nozzles and SiCo will be launched on Friday (20/Mar/2020).

“For this SICO booth, we believe it is safe to use, because we are also working with the Malang City Health Office to procure the spraying liquid. So the disinfectant is buildings or locations, but for human we use antiseptic which is different in composition, previously it was discussed that the liquid to humans was according to the direction of Malang City Health Office as alcohol is 70 percent, so inshaa Allah, there will be a consultation with the health office and automatically can be used for public use,” Arief explained.

This tool will be mass produced and will be installed at the entrance to the points of the crowd and service in the city of Malang. It is hoped that through this innovation, it will be able to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Malang.