After the students of the Professional Engineer Study Program (PSPPI) successfully complete the RPL Program, the next step is to prepare the professional engineer certification from the students.

To get professional engineer certification from PII (IPP, IPM, or IPU) all students must fill out the Professional Engineer Application Form (FAIP).

The Professional Engineering Department of Faculty of Engineering FTUB provides assistance in filling out this FAIP in the form of a “FAIP Filling Workshop” which is held online on Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 09.30-12.00 WIB.

Present as a speaker at this activity was the representative of the Central PII who was also one of the FAIP assessors, Ir. Akhidat Kurniadi, IPU.

He said, the thing that must be considered when filling out the FAIP is that the applicant must understand the standard of competence, which is mandatory and optional, then the applicant must understand the rubric, and finally the assessment rules.

“One thing for sure filling out this form is boring, but in the process, you will understand and have more confidence in your field of work. With a good understanding, it will become a knowledge management instrument for our work in the future,” he said. (mic)