Faculty of Engineering Welcomes The Chosen Ones to The Blue Campus Online

The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) held an Introduction to Campus Life for the New Student (PKKMB) at the Faculty level on Monday, September 21, 2020.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs FTUB, Dr.Eng. Ir. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT reported, PKKMB FTUB this time was attended by 1,332 new students (freshmen) online.

“Of all students who re-registered, 98.5% were recorded in online google classroom,” he reported.

The freshmen for each department are as follows; Civil Engineering 198 students, Mechanical Engineering 175 students, Electrical Engineering 181 students, Water Resources Engineering 164 students, Architecture 164 students, Urban and Regional Planning 166 students, Industrial Engineering 177 students, and Chemical Engineering 131 students.

He also said that this online PKKMB was the first to be implemented by FTUB. He said he was working on the concept as fresh as possible so that the PKKMB could be followed by all new students from all over Indonesia comfortably.

He also revealed that in accordance with the direction of the leadership at the university, the committee is not allowed to assign tasks that require new students to go to a public space.

“This year, male freshmen do not have to cut his hair short like the previous years,” he said.

In its implementation, the committee uses Google Classroom, Zoom, and YouTube media. All subjects and assignments are shared in each google classroom, zoom to monitor the attendance, and YouTube channel, 123 Teknik, as the streaming media.

“Each department is divided into two clusters on google classroom to make it easier for operators (students) to manage the new students,” said Adharul Muttaqin, ST., MT as the head of FTUB’s Administrator of Information System and Public Relations (PSIK).

The Google classroom, which contains freshmen for each department, he continued, can also be used for the PKKMB at the department level which will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

On the same occasion, the Dean of FTUB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri juwono, MT., IPU welcomed the these selected individuals at the Blue Campus.

This year PKKMB FTUB raised the theme of Semangat Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka dalam Mencetak Mahasiswa Berkompeten dan Berintegritas di Fakultas Teknik Universitas Brawijaya.

In accordance with this theme, the Dean is committed to make the 2020 freshmen into an individual with integrity and competence.

He revealed, all study programs were ready to face the challenges of Industry 4.0. All potential resources are prepared optimally to provide the best services.

“This pandemic requires us to reduce our face to face meeting, but while supporting the government through the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka, we can still provide the best service to you even though it is online,” said the Water Resources expert.

He also encouraged students to not only focus on academics but also deepen their soft skills and develop their potential.

“Being smart is not enough! Sharpen your skills! Good mental attitude, communication skills, and good teamwork are a must! ” he said before opening the program that morning.

After the opening, the event continued with a presentation from the Vices Dean in accordance with their respective forte. Starting from the Academic Affairs, General and Financial Affairs, to Student Affairs.

Quite special, before the Student Organization material given by BEM Teknik comes online through zoom media, Ir. Ali Mundakir, Dipl.Eng., M.Eng as The Chair of the FTUB Alumni Association.

This Mechanical Engineering alumni who are also the President Director of PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA) provides motivation and a glimpse of his journey to success for freshmen.

He said that these students were selected individuals who managed to beat tens of thousands of competitors to become new FTUB students.

“This is the start! It’s your opportunity to take part. Be active in student organizations, it will train your leadership in managing the organization which will certainly be needed when you are in the world of work. But of course, it must be supported by achievements in the academic field,” he said closing the session. (mic)

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