One of the three points of three pillars of higher education is community service. In order to fulfill that point, Statistic and Quality Engineering (SQE) Laboratory, Industrial Engineering Department, Universitas Brawijaya held community service on July 17th 2020.

This event’s theme is “Pelatihan Data Analytics Berbasis Internet of Things (Iot) Platform dalam Mendukung Peningkatan Skill Mahasiswa Teknik Industri Universitas Brawijaya di Era Industri 4.0”.

This time, the community service collaborated with Gojek Indonesia, one of the companies that has implemented industry 4.0 system. With this event, hopefully industrial engineer students could be graduates who are ready to face competitiveness of industry by understanding and applying industry 4.0 principles and able to advance the industry in Indonesia.

This event was held online with the form of webinar, because there is COVID-19 Pandemic, that required social distancing.

There are 2 speakers, the first one is Mr. L. Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma, ST., MT., Ph.D as the chairman of the community service team and also Business Intelligence & Analytics Researcher, and the second speaker is Mr. Andriansyah Nur, S. Kom. as the Regional Head of Analytics Gojek.

There were 160 participants, which was attended by SQE Laboratory assistant, some lecturers, and Gojek team.

This event was held for approximately 1,5 hours. During this event, the participants were given lesson about how important data analytics, related to Industrial Engineering, data analytics implementation in Gojek Business System, and what is needed to be prepared to learn more about that knowledge.

“Industrial Engineer students have been provided with basic courses that can be developed into several skills that are very supportive to become a data scientist, starting from structural thinking skill, problem solving skill, and also data storytelling skill,” said  Andriansyah in one of the lesson he presented.

At the end of the webinar, the participants were given chances to ask questions to the speakers to deepen the knowledge that have been presented. This event was ended with photo (screenshot) session.

“This webinar is very good because we got so many benefit of it, from job opportunities to anything that needed to be prepared, also I got to know how the system works in technology-based company,” said I Made Pasek Windu Merta (TI 2019) as one of the participants. (tiub/mic)