Pengabdian Masyarakat Arsitektur

The Architecture Community Service Team, Faculty of Engineering UB (FTUB) built a smart playground in the Tahfidz Istiqomah Qur’an Educational Institution which is located in RW 18, Bunulrejo Village, Blimbing District, Malang City.

This non-formal educational institution has the main activity of learning tahfidz or memorizing the holy verses of the Al-Qur’an for children. Established for about 2 years, the TPQ only has one classroom which is a multipurpose room on the 1st floor.

This limitation makes learning activities carried out alternately; morning, afternoon, and evening classes.

Although it is intended for local residents, the TPQ also attracts students, most of whom still in their early age, from Malang Raya and even outside the city.

The tight class schedule caused crowds during the mobility process for students. While waiting, many students take their time to play in a limited number of portable game areas.

“The limited playing area outside the classroom causes students to often leave the fence to play. The TPQ is also at a street corner that could endanger the students if they suddenly step outside the fence,” said the Head of the Community Service Team, Wasiska Iyati, S.T., M.T.

Together with her team, Wasiska wants to make playground facilities that are more adequate and safer, which are placed in the area within the fence of this TPQ building.

Assisted by Andika Citraningrum, ST., MT., M.Sc, and Jono Wardoyo, ST., MT., as well as Architecture students class of 2017; Ridzky Adwiputra N, Yuzril Ihzha Mahendra, and Christian KR Matulessy, she came up with the idea of ​​designing a play facility with the concept vertical playground.

This playground is designed in the form of a play facility that is made like a multi-storey building, or uses a minimal base area but can provide several playing facilities in it.

Game facilities are intended for students aged 3 to 12 years and are made so that they do not contain things that are against Islamic law and of course designed with the safety of its users in mind.

This smart playground is designed as two floors with several playgrounds including hijaiyah rotary tube, alphabet letter rotary tube, giant abacus, tunnel, wall climbing arena, rocking bridge, climbers arena, and skating.

“Hopefully this can be an optimal solution and provide sustainable benefits for the students and TPQ managers,” Wasiska hoped. (mic)