Hereby we inform the online re-registration procedure for Even Semester 2020/2021 which will be held on 25 January – 5 February 2021:

  1. Students pay UKT (payment procedures can be seen at
  2. Undergraduate students, must pay IOM at Bank Jatim No. Account 0042909009 a.n. IOM FT UNIBRAW
    Class up to 2017 : Rp. 60,000, –
    2018 and 2019 class : Rp. 120,000, –
    2020 Class : Rp. 360,000, – (120,000, – x 2 smt + 120,000, – admission fee)
  3. Fill in the latest personal and parent’ biodata, then upload a copy of the KTP and IOM (Mandatory) at
  4. Carry out KRS filling Online in SIAM and consult it via WA to Academic Advisory Lecturers
  5. Academic Advisory Lecturer validates at SIADO
  6. Siakad officers are required to send KHS to Parents of Students via Email or WhatsApp.

Thank you for your attention and good cooperation.


Best regards,

Academic Affairs unit
Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya
FTuB Main /building 4th floor

For more information visit link below: