Teknik Kimia Gelar Webinar Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah dan Publikasi

The RBAET (Rekayasa Bahan Alam dan Energi Berkelanjutan/Natural Materials and Sustainable Energy Engineering) Journal Team held a Webinar on Writing Scientific Articles and Publications for lecturers, administrative staff, and students of the Chemical Engineering Department (Tekim), Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB).

The event, which was held on February 2-3, 2021, was opened by the Head of the FTUB Team of Engineering, Ir. Bambang Poerwadi MS. In his remarks, Ir Bambang revealed that this activity was prioritized for students.

“Through the thesis program, Tekim students do have the opportunity to conduct and write research reports for later it can be published,” he said.

However, the biggest challenge is that students still have difficulty writing thesis reports well, let alone writing scientific articles for journal publications.

On the same occasion, the Chief Executive, Nurul Faiqotul Himma ST MT in her speech also stressed the importance of developing writing skills for students.

“One of the assessment instruments in the 9 standard accreditation is student scientific publications,” she said, citing IAPS 4.0, the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education.

The speakers for this activity were Rama Oktavian ST MSc, Juliananda ST MSc, DrEng Christina Wahyu ST MT, and Aji Hendra Sarosa STMT.

During the presentation, students were given motivation to write and publish their works. In addition, tips and tricks are also given related to writing research results in the form of articles and publications in scientific journals, including ethics and the use of supporting software.

One of the important points in this webinar is to introduce the RBAET Journal to students as a forum for publications in the department and to socialize the provisions of publication in the RBAET Journal. (tekim/mic)