Pengukuhan Prof Djarot B Darmadi dan Prof Anindito

In the middle of the first quarter of 2021, the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) added two professors.

They are Prof. DrEng Anindito Purnowidodo ST MEng and Prof. Ir Djarot B Darmadi MT PhD, both from the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Their inauguration will take place at the Widyaloka building, Wednesday (17/2/2021).

Both are the 14th and 15th professors in FTUB and the 191st and 192 active professors at UB.

Anindito is a professor in the field of Material Strength Science.

Meanwhile, Djarot is in the field of Technology Science and Metal Welding Modeling.

In his inauguration, he presented a scientific oration on “Predicting Component Age Increases Safety”.

“Basically, the materials produced by many manufacturers with various dimensions must have defects. If the defects or cracks are given a static, or even dynamic, load, they will break down over time, ”said this long-haired professor.

The failure of a component that receives dynamic loads is due to crack initiation and propagation.

It is said, if the length of this crack reaches its critical length, it can lead to structural failure (fracture).

To evaluate the component life of a structure, there are two important things that must be considered, namely the age for initiation and the age for crack propagation.

Several examples of structural failure exist in everyday life.

For example, household appliances, health care to large structures such as bridges, power plants, and high-risk vehicles, namely planes.

“The problem faced by engineers in predicting the component life of a structure is the uncertainty of crack propagation behavior (constant, delayed, or accelerated),” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Djarot talked about “Computer Simulation as Intellectual Control of Welding Processes”.

“In the past, welding was a skill,” said Djarot.

According to him, the use of computers as an analysis tool has entered almost all fields of science, including the welding process.

One of the roles of computers in the welding process is to model and simulate them.

The computer simulation of the welding process continues to develop until now to get the best model.

In addition to representing the welding process, simulation can also explain the cause or reason for a particular phenomenon.

Although it is not yet perfect, computer simulations of the welding process have contributed significantly to parameter studies, feasibility studies, and predicting physical characteristics in places that are difficult to measure (due to their position or size).