Penyematan Helm Insinyur

Professional Engineer Study Program (PSPPI), Department of Engineering Profession, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB), again, inaugurates Indonesian engineers Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

A total of 85 fifth batch PSPPI graduates were taken their Engineer Oath in front of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII), University Leaders, and Faculty Leaders online via zoom.

Also attending online through zoom media, UB Rector, Prof Dr Ir Nuhfil Hanani AR MS and staff, Head of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII) Dr. Ir Heru Dewanto MSc (Eng) IPU ASEAN Eng and staff, All Vices Dean, all Heads of Departments within the FTUB, as well as FTUB PSPPI lecturers.

After opening the event, the FTUB Dean, Prof Dr Ir Pitojo Tri Juwono MT IPU, reported that all engineer candidates today have fulfilled all academic and administrative requirements to become an engineer.

The assessment is carried out through the student’s portfolios using the Past Learning Recognition (RPL) mechanism.

Based on their Expertise Field group, the engineer candidates who graduated today consisted of nine fields; 39 people in the fields of Civil and Building Engineering, 23 people in Water Engineering, 7 people in Electrical Engineering, 5 people in Industrial Engineering, 4 people in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, 4 people in Information Engineering and Telecommunications, 1 person in Oceanography Engineering, 1 person in Environmental Sanitation Engineering, and 1 person from Urban and Regional Planning.

They also come from five backgrounds; 14 people from government agencies, 15 people from State/Private Universities, 34 people from National Consultants, 6 people from National Contractors, and 15 people from state-owned enterprises.

“Until now PSPPI UB has inaugurated 205 engineers,” he concluded.

In his speech, the Rector of UB, Prof. Nuhfil, advised the engineers who are inaugurated today to always maintain the good name of the alma mater and professionalism.

“Increase professionalism and let’s lead this country towards Advanced Indonesia and Resilient Indonesia,” said this Professor of Agriculture.

In accordance with Law Number 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering, Engineer (Ir., red.) is a degree given by Higher Education to graduates after attending Post-S1 professional education.

The title of Engineer is important for engineering practitioners because Article 10 states that “Every Engineer who will carry out Engineering Practices in Indonesia must have an Engineer Registration Certificate”.

This was conveyed by Heru Dewanto in his remarks after The Engineer’s Oath taking, Embedding Helm, and Signing the Engineer Oath.

“For those who graduated today, congratulations! You have fulfilled one of the requirements to get a license to Engineer practice permit in accordance with the applicable laws in Indonesia,” said Heru.

Ir Edy GAtot Setiyabudi Alm.This graduation ceremony felt incomplete because one student did not have the opportunity to take part in the inauguration procession. Ir Edy Gatot Setiyabudy MT passed away before he has the opportunity to follow this graduation ceremony, he was represented by his wife, Rini Widawati.

Ir Edy Gatot Setiyabudy was known for his hardworking, dedicated personality, and he shows that he was a completely tough engineer. (mic)