pildek FTUB – Pembukaan Kotak Kesediaanoleh Ketua Panitia, Ir Eko Andi Suryo

Towards the end of the 2017-2021 leadership rank service period, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) formed a Dean Candidates Selection and Voting Committee.

Chaired by Ir Eko Andi Suryo ST MT PhD, the entire committee has gone through the selection process since 15 March 2021.

Since the announcement of the requirements for Dean Candidates on March 15, the committee has received and verified the administrative files for lecturers that meet the registration requirements.

“We have selected and obtained 10 names for dean candidates and submitted them to the FTUB senate on March 31,” explained Ir. Eko.

Of the 10 names that met the requirements, two registered and submitted their files in the Willingness Candidate Box.

The box was then opened by the Chairperson of the committee in front of the entire committee and two prospective Dean candidates on Monday, 5 April 2021 in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of the FTUB Building.

These two files are submitted to the Faculty Senate and will be ratified by the Senate Meeting on April 6-7, 2021.

“After being ratified by the Senate, the day after tomorrow (8/Apr) we will announce the names of the Dean Candidates,” said this Geotechnical Expert when being interviewed after the Senate Meeting this afternoon (6/Apr).

He hopes that all election processes run democratically and can continue the succession process in FTUB for the faculty bright future.

“Please pray that we will get the blessing of Allah with the election of the best leader for our faculty,” concluded this Civil Engineering lecturer.

According to the timeline that has been shared by the committee, after the announcement of the name of the Candidate for Dean on April 8, the committee will hold an online presentation of each candidate’s Work Program on April 19, 2021.

At its peak, voting will be held on April 23 and the results will be submitted by the committee to the Faculty senate on April 26, 2021.

The entire selection and voting process is carried out based on UB Rector’s Regulation Number 3 of 2020 concerning the Appointment and Dismissal of Deans and Postgraduate Directors. (mic)