Graduate List Period IX Academic Year of 2020/2021
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya
1 Angghoro Berkah Prassetiyo, S.T. 165060100111034 Civil Engineering  S1
2 Aryasuta Akbar Gilang Remansyah, S.T. 165060100111031 Civil Engineering  S1
3 Hadi Mizan Nur Arifin, S.T. 165060101111023 Civil Engineering  S1
4 Akhmad Fikri Maulana, S.T. 165060107111008 Civil Engineering  S1
5 Karimatul Ummah, S.T. 165060101111018 Civil Engineering  S1
6 George Rasyid Permana, S.T. 165060100111007 Civil Engineering  S1
7 Ilham Dwi Darmawan, S.T. 165060207111029 Mechanical Engineering  S1
8 Putra Dwiantoko, S.T. 165060200111044 Mechanical Engineering  S1
9 Nova Arisandy, S.T. 165060207111030 Mechanical Engineering  S1
10 Muhammad Akmal Hanafi, S.T. 165060201111048 Mechanical Engineering  S1
11 Muhammad Kemal, S.T. 165060200111030 Mechanical Engineering  S1
12 Anugerah Agung Wicaksono, S.T. 165060200111053 Mechanical Engineering  S1
13 Pratiko Septyansah, S.T. 155060201111093 Mechanical Engineering  S1
14 Aldin A. Najah, S.T. 155060207111038 Mechanical Engineering  S1
15 Asep Maman Sudrajat, S.T. 155060201111024 Mechanical Engineering  S1
16 Muhammad Ikbar Bagastio, S.T. 145060201111022 Mechanical Engineering  S1
17 Mochamad Wirawan Febriyanto, S.T. 165060207111031 Mechanical Engineering  S1
18 Fahim Abyan Makarim, S.T. 165060207111024 Mechanical Engineering  S1
19 Muhammad Rossi Ashari, S.T. 135060201111070 Mechanical Engineering  S1
20 Muhammad Ghufron Auliya Rahman, S.T. 165060301111068 Electrical Engineering  S1
21 Muhammad Ilmi Musyaffa’, S.T. 165060301111016 Electrical Engineering  S1
22 Muhammad Haekal, S.T. 145060301111020 Electrical Engineering  S1
23 Yusuf Kurniawan, S.T. 135060307111016 Electrical Engineering  S1
24 Jabal Thareq Samudra, S.T. 155060300111016 Electrical Engineering  S1
25 Fikri Abdillah, S.T. 155060301111021 Electrical Engineering  S1
26 M. Zakkiyul Fikri Syahara Arifianto, S.T. 125060305111009 Electrical Engineering  S1
27 Marie Augustin Alvidian P. A. H, S.T. 165060401111042 Water Resources Engineering  S1
28 Yashinta Dea Ilmania, S.T. 165060401111040 Water Resources Engineering  S1
29 Chyntia Prima Larasati, S.T. 165060401111019 Water Resources Engineering  S1
30 Muhammad Iqbal, S.T. 145060407111019 Water Resources Engineering  S1
31 Made Dimas Permata Gupta, S.T. 165060407111016 Water Resources Engineering  S1
32 Muhammad Rizqi Akbar, S.T. 135060400111040 Water Resources Engineering  S1
33 M. Bayu Alamsyah, S.T. 165060401111016 Water Resources Engineering  S1
34 Kresna Wisika Putra, S.T. 155060407111019 Water Resources Engineering  S1
35 Christopher Efraim Hazael, S.T. 165060400111029 Water Resources Engineering  S1
36 Marisa Ayu Ferina, S.T. 125060407111014 Water Resources Engineering  S1
37 Dewana Nugraha Kevin CP, S.T. 135060401111063 Water Resources Engineering  S1
38 Willi Anjar Bagaskara, S.T. 135060401111035 Water Resources Engineering  S1
39 I Kadek Rama Saputera, S.Ars. 165060501111015 Architecture  S1
40 Shofa Dhia Fadhilah, S.Ars. 165060500111014 Architecture  S1
41 Jeslyn Johanna Dawolo, S.Ars. 165060501111030 Architecture  S1
42 Ghefira Rahma Tsurayya, S.Ars. 165060500111026 Architecture  S1
43 Agatha Christina Felia Rampi, S.Ars. 165060500111024 Architecture  S1
44 Rijal Fakhruddin, S.Ars. 135060507111015 Architecture  S1
45 Nisrina F Shakia, S.P.W.K. 165060601111007 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
46 Mahisma Driya Karenggani, S.P.W.K. 165060601111044 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
47 Ismi Mariami, S.P.W.K. 165060601111022 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
48 Sarah Qodriyani, S.P.W.K. 145060601111053 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
49 Equivalenta Diandra Himawan, S.P.W.K. 155060607111012 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
50 Mochamad Trias Sembada, S.P.W.K. 145060607111028 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
51 Mahendra Habriantama, S.T. 165060701111014 Industrial Engineering  S1
52 Ananda Putri Choirunnisak, S.T. 165060700111056 Industrial Engineering  S1
53 Muhammad Arif Zuhri. R, S.T. 165060700111048 Industrial Engineering  S1
54 Clarina Ayu Febriani, S.T. 165060701111032 Industrial Engineering  S1
55 Aisyah Rahmayanti, S.T. 145060701111021 Industrial Engineering  S1
56 Alfeus Christopher L Tobing, S.T. 165060700111032 Industrial Engineering  S1
57 M. Ivan Firsada Wahyu F., S.T. 165060707111045 Industrial Engineering  S1
58 Kristina Natalia, S.T. 165060701111077 Industrial Engineering  S1
59 Faiz Al Farizi Zul Qistan, S.T. 165060707111010 Industrial Engineering  S1
60 Annisa Yossi Audianti, S.T. 165060701111054 Industrial Engineering  S1
61 Robithul Islam, S.T. 165060707111037 Industrial Engineering  S1
62 Cecilia Ayu Serephita Sinaga, S.T. 165060701111018 Industrial Engineering  S1
63 Try Lestari Kusuma Putri, S.T. 0810670059 Industrial Engineering  S1
64 Mohammad Ridhwan Hamdany, S.T. 135060707111011 Industrial Engineering  S1
65 Risang Parasu, S.T. 165061100111004 Chemical Engineering  S1
66 Cahyo Sunu Widagdo, S.T. 165061101111026 Chemical Engineering  S1
67 M. Ilham Firmansyah, S.T. 165061100111010 Chemical Engineering  S1
68 Ersa Amalia Aisyah, S.T. 165061101111024 Chemical Engineering  S1
69 Rillo Egy Septiawan, S.T. 165061101111002 Chemical Engineering  S1
70 Imam Hidayat, S.T. 135061107111010 Chemical Engineering  S1
71 Rizal Pahlevi Kurniawan, S.T. 135061101111022 Chemical Engineering  S1
72 Muhammad Maulana Ibrahim, S.T. 155061101111038 Chemical Engineering  S1
73 Mesti Nadya, M.T. 176060210111001 Mechanical Engineering  S2
74 Nurdin Hasananto Teguh, M.T. 196060200111032 Mechanical Engineering  S2
75 Vera Dwiwijayanto, M.T. 176060200111018 Mechanical Engineering  S2
76 Riswan Sepriyatno, M.T. 186060200111014 Mechanical Engineering  S2
77 Dhendy Zaki Ridwan, M.T. 186060300111009 Electrical Engineering  S2
78 Dr. Nanang Saiful Rizal 177060100141002 Civil Engineering  S3
79 Dr. Aji Suraji 117060100111001 Civil Engineering  S3
80 Dr. Aladin Eko Purkuncoro 127060200111002 Mechanical Engineering  S3
81 Ir. Fourry Handoko 190060100011015 Professional Engineer Profession
82 Ir. Maranatha Wijayaningtyas 190060100011016 Professional Engineer Profession
83 Ir. Sandi Erryanto 190060100011036 Professional Engineer Profession
84 Ir. Eddu Pandika 190060100011050 Professional Engineer Profession
85 Ir. Johan Wahyudi 190060100011012 Professional Engineer Profession
86 Ir. Darmadjaja 190060100011013 Professional Engineer Profession
87 Ir. Dwi Agus Apriyanto 190060100011002 Professional Engineer Profession
88 Ir. Alamsyah 190060100011037 Professional Engineer Profession
89 Ir. Miftachul Rozi 190060100011008 Professional Engineer Profession
90 Ir. Samsul Bahri S. 190060100011014 Professional Engineer Profession
91 Ir. Zamzami 190060100011033 Professional Engineer Profession
92 Ir. Samsul Hidayat Setiabudi 190060100011043 Professional Engineer Profession
93 Ir. Nela Eliya Saleh 190060100011048 Professional Engineer Profession
94 Ir. Herlambang Zulfikar 190060100011052 Professional Engineer Profession
95 Ir. Sentot Wijayanto 190060100011034 Professional Engineer Profession
96 Ir. Dewi Kartikasari Budihartty 190060100011032 Professional Engineer Profession
97 Ir. Abdul Wakhid Hasan 190060100011009 Professional Engineer Profession
98 Ir. Riska Anshar Pramono 190060100011022 Professional Engineer Profession
99 Ir. Budi Santoso 190060100011011 Professional Engineer Profession
100 Ir. `Afa Yura Putra 190060100011006 Professional Engineer Profession
[RETAKE] Graduate List Period IX Academic Year of 2020/2021
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya
1 Novita Gusmayati M, S.T. 165060101111044 Civil Engineering  S1
2 M. Iqbal Tawakkal Dewanto, S.T. 165060300111037 Electrical Engineering  S1
3 Dimas Prasetya, S.T. 135060600111037 Urban & Regional Planning  S1



  1. Paying to the BNI account No. 0039649495 a.n Rector of UBM QQ NON REGULAR.
    a. via teller: proof of payment must contain the name of the graduate
    b. transfer: in the news/description column include “name of the graduate (space) toga”.
  2. The toga payment for the Undergraduate Program is Rp. 200,000, – while for the Post Program the amount of Rp. 210,000, –
  3. Upload proof of payment at the link
    Proof of payment that has no news/description “name of the graduate (space) toga” will not be recorded as proof of payment
  4. Please upload proof of payment in the form of a pdf file and name it in the format NIM-PRODI-DEPARTMENT-FULL NAME.
    EXAMPLE: 175060601111033-S1-ENGINEERING DESI RATNA SARI. (Using Capital Letters)
  5. For those who have entered the graduation period, please also fill in the toga delivery link on the link
  6. For those who have not entered the graduation period, fill in the toga delivery link when you enter the graduation period. (The graduation period can be checked at SIAM).
  7. For graduates who have paid with the offline system, please fill in the toga delivery link directly. (