Graduate List Period VIII Academic Year of 2020/2021
Faculty of Engineering
1 Shifa Ardhelia Pramesthi, S.T. 165060100111036 Civil Engineering  S1
2 Saniyyah Mislu Salsabila, S.T. 165060101111049 Civil Engineering  S1
3 Sulaiman Al Raes, S.T. 165060100111009 Civil Engineering  S1
4 Muhammad Aldo Jarwo Saputra, S.T. 165060107111013 Civil Engineering  S1
5 Ardya Perdani Ika Sari, S.T. 155060101111026 Civil Engineering  S1
6 Iffat Shafwan Haristama, S.T. 165060107111006 Civil Engineering  S1
7 Shanda Ismaya, S.T. 165060207111006 Mechanical Engineering  S1
8 Muhammad Iqbal Shodiq, S.T. 165060200111037 Mechanical Engineering  S1
9 Benedict Amadeus Valentino, S.T. 165060207111020 Mechanical Engineering  S1
10 Muhammad Rizalul Haq, S.T. 165060201111030 Mechanical Engineering  S1
11 Adriansyah Reski Pratomo, S.T. 165060207111026 Mechanical Engineering  S1
12 Prayoga Bintang Primawan, S.T. 165060200111026 Mechanical Engineering  S1
13 Fakhrizal Azka Ramadhan, S.T. 165060200111052 Mechanical Engineering  S1
14 Nofian Achmad Rifki Fauzan, S.T. 165060201111004 Mechanical Engineering  S1
15 Muhammad Rafi, S.T. 165060201111012 Mechanical Engineering  S1
16 Afif Dzaki Baridwan, S.T. 165060200111035 Mechanical Engineering  S1
17 Roberto Elias Sommal Ambarita, S.T. 165060201111059 Mechanical Engineering  S1
18 Muhammad Reza, S.T. 165060201111066 Mechanical Engineering  S1
19 Anoga Rizky Novaldi, S.T. 165060200111006 Mechanical Engineering  S1
20 Irfando Andrianto Wibawa, S.T. 165060207111039 Mechanical Engineering  S1
21 Femelio Asad Andiwinata, S.T. 165060201111053 Mechanical Engineering  S1
22 Dwi Mukti Bagus Wijayanto, S.T. 135060300111039 Electrical Engineering  S1
23 Epprylia Prima Maimunawati, S.T. 155060301111001 Electrical Engineering  S1
24 Muhammad Rifqi Hafidh, S.T. 165060300111021 Electrical Engineering  S1
25 Roy Dafly Pirnadi, S.T. 165060301111062 Electrical Engineering  S1
26 Danang Ardhy Haryanto, S.T. 145060300111035 Electrical Engineering  S1
27 Kresna Sukma Dewangga, S.T. 135060301111014 Electrical Engineering  S1
28 Ramadhan Adi Nugroho, S.T. 145060300111027 Electrical Engineering  S1
29 Muhammad Fahmi Khoiruddin, S.T. 165060401111007 Water Resources Engineering  S1
30 Muhammad Rizky Pratama, S.T. 165060400111022 Water Resources Engineering  S1
31 Ridho Satria Indrajayatama, S.T. 165060407111019 Water Resources Engineering  S1
32 Wan Nazli Akbar, S.T. 165060401111024 Water Resources Engineering  S1
33 Aini Nurnabilla Dukhosagt, S.T. 165060400111037 Water Resources Engineering  S1
34 Firda Agustiya Rini, S.T. 165060400111008 Water Resources Engineering  S1
35 Kukuh Ardian Aprianto, S.T. 165060401111017 Water Resources Engineering  S1
36 Haidar Naufal Majid, S.T. 165060407111009 Water Resources Engineering  S1
37 Ramadhan Sangsang Berlian, S.T. 165060400111003 Water Resources Engineering  S1
38 Ravi Pradana, S.T. 165060400111001 Water Resources Engineering  S1
39 Aldi Nugraha, S.T. 165060407111037 Water Resources Engineering  S1
40 Ahmad Dwiki Pradany, S.T. 155060407111020 Water Resources Engineering  S1
41 Bunga Shafira, S.Ars. 165060501111049 Architecture  S1
42 Hana Lestari Diwanti, S.Ars. 165060501111007 Architecture  S1
43 A. Rendra Atasa, S.Ars. 155060500111011 Architecture  S1
44 Banu Abdurrahman, S.T. 155060501111009 Architecture  S1
45 Dimas Gilang Narendra, S.Ars. 135060507111024 Architecture  S1
46 Jodhi Mahendra, S.P.W.K. 165060601111002 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
47 Ratih Putri Aninditta, S.P.W.K. 135060601111068 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
48 Guruh Ridlotul Putri, S.P.W.K. 145060607111023 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
49 Aldhi Try Suwanto, S.P.W.K. 155060600111023 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
50 Iresa Lucky Pratiwi, S.P.W.K. 135060607111031 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
51 Azizah Putri Nur Aini, S.T. 165060700111014 Industrial Engineering  S1
52 Nyoman Nadia Devi Laksmiati, S.T. 165060700111019 Industrial Engineering  S1
53 Dinda Rimbamukti Purnayudha, S.T. 165060701111006 Industrial Engineering  S1
54 Muhammad Furaikhan Rangga, S.T. 165060700111033 Industrial Engineering  S1
55 Timothy Zefanya Rehaganta Sitepu, S.T. 165060700111052 Industrial Engineering  S1
56 Annisa Intan Tuwantri, S.T. 165060707111017 Industrial Engineering  S1
57 Amanda Amadea Sahara, S.T. 165060707111041 Industrial Engineering  S1
58 Nurus Sakinah, S.T. 165060700111055 Industrial Engineering  S1
59 Malvin Aubin Darpito, S.T. 165060701111029 Industrial Engineering  S1
60 Adilah Kusuma Dewi, S.T. 165060707111021 Industrial Engineering  S1
61 Melisa Jenifer Claudya Siahaan, S.T. 155060701111073 Industrial Engineering  S1
62 Andi Nurul Istiana Akasy, S.T. 165020319111001 Industrial Engineering  S1
63 Anis Lutfiana, S.T. 165060701111063 Industrial Engineering  S1
64 Izzaudin Afif Pradana, S.T. 165060701111037 Industrial Engineering  S1
65 Ardania Ilmi Nabilah, S.T. 165060707111040 Industrial Engineering  S1
66 Awalsyah Erlangga, S.T. 155060701111059 Industrial Engineering  S1
67 Dyan Nur Ajeng Aprillia, S.T. 165060701111069 Industrial Engineering  S1
68 Bayu Yanar Darmawan, S.T. 145060701111032 Industrial Engineering  S1
69 Muhammad Rama Dewantoro, S.T. 145060701111065 Industrial Engineering  S1
70 Ria Tri Rahayu, S.T. 165060700111026 Industrial Engineering  S1
71 Anandio Faza Irham Khairy, S.T. 155060700111038 Industrial Engineering  S1
72 Putu Ayu Yuliani Indiasih, S.T. 165061100111009 Chemical Engineering  S1
73 Harza Agustian Latief, S.T. 165061100111018 Chemical Engineering  S1
74 Sandi Arif Firmansyah, S.T. 165061107111004 Chemical Engineering  S1
75 Anindita Dwi Syaifudin, S.T. 165061101111006 Chemical Engineering  S1
76 Danang Wahyu Wijaya, S.T. 165061101111034 Chemical Engineering  S1
77 Annisa Giani Zahra, S.T. 165061101111016 Chemical Engineering  S1
78 Fachrizal Tsany Fajr, S.T. 165061107111003 Chemical Engineering  S1
79 Muhamad Dwiki Alim, S.T. 165061101111025 Chemical Engineering  S1
80 Marda Alvando, S.T. 155061101111034 Chemical Engineering  S1
81 Ibrahim Ahmad Ibadurrohman, M.T. 196060200111031 Mechanical Engineering  S2
82 Musyaroh, M.T. 196060200111024 Mechanical Engineering  S2
83 Festo Andre Hardinsi, M.T. 186060200111006 Mechanical Engineering  S2
84 Andi Pratomo Wiyono, M.T. 166060300111001 Electrical Engineering  S2
85 Jendra Sesoca, M.T. 166060300111018 Electrical Engineering  S2
86 Guntur Yanuar Astono, M.T. 166060300111006 Electrical Engineering  S2
87 Achmad Zain Nur, M.T. 186060300111001 Electrical Engineering  S2
88 Hendro Suwignyo, M.T. 156060300111024 Electrical Engineering  S2
89 Adrian Widisono, M.Ars. 186060500111002 Architecture  S2
90 Achsin Wijayanto, M.T. 166060400111009 Water Resources Engineering  S2
91 M. Riza `Ali Muzaqqi, M.P.W.K. 166060600111018 Urban & Regional Planning  S2
92 Muhammad Fahmiriyan Nur Arifin, M.P.W.K. 166060600111010 Urban & Regional Planning  S2
93 Dr. Dian Ariestadi 137060100111003 Civil Engineering  S3
94 Dr. Fery Moun Hepy 167060100111010 Civil Engineering  S3
95 Dr. Ernaning Widiaswanti 167060200111015 Mechanical Engineering  S3
96 Dr. Andi Sanata 147060200111017 Mechanical Engineering  S3
97 Dr. Franciscus Asisi Rusdi Sambada 127060200111014 Mechanical Engineering  S3
98 Dr. Alfredo Tutuhatunewa 117060200111016 Mechanical Engineering  S3
99 Dr. Budi Sugiharto 127060200111013 Mechanical Engineering  S3
100 Dr. Gatut Bayuadji 177060300111011 Water Resources Engineering  S3
[RETAKE] Graduate List Period VII Academic Year of 2020/2021
Faculty of Engineering
1 Kusuma Putri Wahyu Abadi, S.T. 165060100111006 Civil Engineering  S1
2 Dyasmita Abdul Hakim, S.T. 165060207111001 Mechanical Engineering  S1



  1. Paying to the BNI account No. 0039649495 a.n Rector of UBM QQ NON REGULAR.
    a. via teller: proof of payment must contain the name of the graduate
    b. transfer: in the news / description column include “name of the graduate (space) toga”.
  2. The toga payment for the Undergraduate Program is Rp. 200,000, – while for the Post Program the amount of Rp. 210,000, –
  3. Upload proof of payment at the link
    Proof of payment that has no news/description “name of the graduate (space) toga” will not be recorded as proof of payment
  4. Please upload proof of payment in the form of a pdf file and name it in the format NIM-PRODI-DEPARTMENT-FULL NAME.
    EXAMPLE: 175060601111033-S1-ENGINEERING DESI RATNA SARI. (Using Capital Letters)
  5. For those who have entered the graduation period, please also fill in the toga delivery link on the link
  6. For those who have not entered the graduation period, fill in the toga delivery link when you enter the graduation period. (The graduation period can be checked at SIAM).
  7. For graduates who have paid with the offline system, please fill in the toga delivery link directly. (


  • The Toga for the VII and VIII Periods Graduates has been sent since April 1, 2021
  • For 13 people who take their own toga at the Faculty, it can be taken at:
    📆 : Wed, 7 April 2021 (1 day only)
    ⏰ : 09.00 – 12.00 WIB
    📍 : 8th floor of The Dean Building FTUB
    CP : Mrs. Agus (+62 852-2227-1318)


Thus conveyed, thank you.


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