Graduate List Period X Academic Year of 2020/2021
Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya
1 Bayu Indra Pambudi, S.T. 165060101111047 Civil Engineering  S1
2 Erlina Ayu Kusumawati, S.T. 165060101111029 Civil Engineering  S1
3 Ori Trizka Adhinia, S.T. 165060101111033 Civil Engineering  S1
4 Mochamad Arief Rachman Hakiim, S.T. 165060100111028 Civil Engineering  S1
5 Dany Dwitama Wibisono, S.T. 165060107111004 Civil Engineering  S1
6 Tsabita Imania Ibrahim, S.T. 165060107111012 Civil Engineering  S1
7 Muhammad Rif`At Azami, S.T. 165060107111019 Civil Engineering  S1
8 Chandra Rudy Pratama, S.T. 165060100111015 Civil Engineering  S1
9 Anfasa Tifani Mahendra, S.T. 165060107111014 Civil Engineering  S1
10 Yafriel Izza Fanani, S.T. 165060107111009 Civil Engineering  S1
11 Muhammad Yusril Yahya, S.T. 165060200111008 Mechanical Engineering  S1
12 Prihatining Lestari, S.T. 165060201111008 Mechanical Engineering  S1
13 Danang Yudhi Prakoso, S.T. 135060201111028 Mechanical Engineering  S1
14 Nicholas Hadinata Subiyanto, S.T. 155060200111026 Mechanical Engineering  S1
15 Pradipta Dwinandy Wardana, S.T. 155060201111043 Mechanical Engineering  S1
16 Fuad Widodo, S.T. 155060201111082 Mechanical Engineering  S1
17 Dimas Rezha Fahlevi, S.T. 135060200111039 Mechanical Engineering  S1
18 Alfian Ramadhani, S.T. 135060201111025 Mechanical Engineering  S1
19 Candra Brilianto, S.T. 165060301111032 Electrical Engineering  S1
20 Ahmad Farid Nurrohman S., S.T. 165060300111024 Electrical Engineering  S1
21 Ilham Ismail Mochsen, S.T. 145060307111007 Electrical Engineering  S1
22 Muhammad Faisal Nur Ryas Rasyid, S.T. 165060300111041 Electrical Engineering  S1
23 Wia Siisgo Alnakulla, S.T. 135060300111066 Electrical Engineering  S1
24 Pretty Lumbantobing, S.T. 135060301111098 Electrical Engineering  S1
25 Kiki Windi Safitri, S.T. 135060401111021 Water Resources Engineering  S1
26 Yana Cunanda, S.T. 155060401111051 Water Resources Engineering  S1
27 Bagas Kusdiyatno Wardana, S.T. 165060401111002 Water Resources Engineering  S1
28 Agdels Pandhomas Cucu Radya, S.T. 145060400111032 Water Resources Engineering  S1
29 Panji Satria Darwinto, S.T. 155060407111007 Water Resources Engineering  S1
30 Al Ghifary Driantama, S.T. 135060407111022 Water Resources Engineering  S1
31 Faruq Abdurrahman Fachrudin, S.T. 155060400111024 Water Resources Engineering  S1
32 Adhitya Zein Muammar, S.T. 165060407111027 Water Resources Engineering  S1
33 Maylita Widi Astari, S.T. 135060407111029 Water Resources Engineering  S1
34 Ridwan Ramadhan, S.T. 135060400111005 Water Resources Engineering  S1
35 Annisa Nuraziza Febrina Murti, S.Ars. 165060501111028 Architecture  S1
36 Mahda Noviantika Zulmi Mentaya Putri, S.Ars. 165060501111005 Architecture  S1
37 Fildza Anggedo, S.Ars. 165060500111015 Architecture  S1
38 Faizzah Karimah, S.Ars. 165060501111003 Architecture  S1
39 Ariz Adhani Satria Budianto, S.Ars. 165060507111029 Architecture  S1
40 Ema Dwi Arsita, S.Ars. 165060507111023 Architecture  S1
41 Almira Samantha Husna, S.Ars. 165060500111005 Architecture  S1
42 Fadlina Rachmatillah, S.Ars. 165060500111004 Architecture  S1
43 Sheila Melati Azhari, S.Ars. 165060507111003 Architecture  S1
44 Nur Hidayati, S.P.W.K. 165060601111033 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
45 Maratus Sholihah Fitria, S.P.W.K. 165060607111007 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
46 Indah Mei Yunita, S.P.W.K. 165060601111030 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
47 Deny Prastika Candra, S.P.W.K. 155060601111014 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
48 Ahmad Syarief Hidayatullah, S.P.W.K. 155060600111003 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
49 Muchammad Fikri Mufti Tsani, S.P.W.K. 155060607111001 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
50 Dwiky Setyo Permadi, S.T. 115060600111005 Urban & Regional Planning  S1
51 Yan Dwi Cahya Manurung, S.T. 165060700111028 Industrial Engineering  S1
52 Yayan Adi Prastyo, S.T. 165060701111017 Industrial Engineering  S1
53 Anggitha Ariijhayutyas Pinilih, S.T. 165060707111036 Industrial Engineering  S1
54 Stefani Refna Exaudina, S.T. 165060707111026 Industrial Engineering  S1
55 Amalia Ridha Rahmah, S.T. 165060700111043 Industrial Engineering  S1
56 Aninditya Alamanda, S.T. 165060701111064 Industrial Engineering  S1
57 Ivandiaz, S.T. 165060700111021 Industrial Engineering  S1
58 Nizar Prama Rizaldi, S.T. 165060700111046 Industrial Engineering  S1
59 Maulani Fairuz Iftinan, S.T. 165060707111025 Industrial Engineering  S1
60 Rebecca Natasha Basaina Br. Silitonga, S.T. 165060700111002 Industrial Engineering  S1
61 Syafi`A Millati, S.T. 145060701111060 Industrial Engineering  S1
62 Aulliya Arwa Farrahtania, S.T. 165060701111010 Industrial Engineering  S1
63 Fajri Armandito, S.T. 145060707111001 Industrial Engineering  S1
64 Bhimo Bayu Sadewa, S.T. 135060701111102 Industrial Engineering  S1
65 Azmi Desmo Yolean, S.T. 135060700111022 Industrial Engineering  S1
66 Afif Hilmi Febrianto, S.T. 165061101111014 Chemical Engineering  S1
67 Abdullah Zulchoir, S.T. 165061101111022 Chemical Engineering  S1
68 Fariqul Fahmi Al Wahidi, S.T. 165061101111012 Chemical Engineering  S1
69 Rizko Aulia Nuraga, S.T. 165061107111006 Chemical Engineering  S1
70 Cholisah Cindy Rachmania, S.T. 165061101111009 Chemical Engineering  S1
71 Ir. Roslinormansyah 190060100011001 Professional Engineer Profession
72 Ir. Very Dermawan 190060100011021 Professional Engineer Profession
73 Ir. Gunarso 190060100011010 Professional Engineer Profession
74 Ir. Kukuh Santiko Wijaya 190060100011020 Professional Engineer Profession
75 Ir. Ceria Farela M T 190060100011005 Professional Engineer Profession
76 Ir. Bangun Yulianto 190060100011038 Professional Engineer Profession
77 Ir. Zainal Alim 190060100011045 Professional Engineer Profession
78 Ir. Ganindra Adi Cahyono 190060100011047 Professional Engineer Profession
79 Ir. Ganjar Ratriadi 190060100011049 Professional Engineer Profession
80 Ir. I Made Gede Widhiyasa 190060100011039 Professional Engineer Profession
81 Ir. Raditya Ardianwiliandri 190060100011004 Professional Engineer Profession
82 Ir. Viari Djajasinga 190060100011044 Professional Engineer Profession
83 Ir. Dinhassam Ario Kusuma 190060100011028 Professional Engineer Profession
84 Ir. Yulia Indriani 190060100011029 Professional Engineer Profession
85 Ir. Kasim Sarewo 190060100011025 Professional Engineer Profession
86 Ir. Fanny Zuriansyah 190060100011055 Professional Engineer Profession
87 Ir. Gita Cakra Taufiq 190060100011051 Professional Engineer Profession
88 Ir. Mochammad Sunhaji Ismail 190060100011054 Professional Engineer Profession
89 Ir. Izzuddin Ismawanto 190060100011040 Professional Engineer Profession
90 Ir. David Eko Mulyanto 190060100011041 Professional Engineer Profession



  1. Paying to the BNI account No. 0039649495 a.n Rector of UBM QQ NON REGULAR.
    a. via teller: proof of payment must contain the name of the graduate
    b. transfer: in the news/description column include “name of the graduate (space) toga”.
  2. The toga payment for the Undergraduate Program is Rp200.000 while for the Post Program the amount of Rp210.000
  3. Upload proof of payment at the link
    Proof of payment that has no news/description “name of the graduate (space) toga” will not be recorded as proof of payment
  4. Please upload proof of payment in the form of a pdf file and name it in the format NIM-PRODI-DEPARTMENT-FULL NAME.
    EXAMPLE: 175060601111033-S1-ENGINEERING DESI RATNA SARI. (Using Capital Letters)
  5. For those who have entered the graduation period, please also fill in the toga delivery link on the link
  6. For those who have not entered the graduation period, fill in the toga delivery link when you enter the graduation period. (The graduation period can be checked at SIAM).
  7. For graduates who have paid with the offline system, please fill in the toga delivery link directly. (