Department of Water Resources Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya again held a biennial international seminar, ICWRDEP, International Conference of Water Resources Development and Environmental Protection on August 7, 2021.

In this fourth event, ICWRDEP carries the theme Management and Protection of Water Resources.

In this Pandemic condition, seminar activities which are usually held for 2 days it was only held for 1 day, August 7, 2021 starting at 08.00 – 16.15 WIB online via zoom.

This activity presented three keynote speakers, including:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ir. Eko Winar Irianto, MT., Director of Technical Development, Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Keisuke Murakami, Professor of Coastal Engineering, River Engineering, Natural Disaster Management, Miyazaki University, Japan
  3. Dano J.A Roelvink, from IHE Delft, TU Delft Professor of Coastal Engineering and Port Development Deltares, Senior Specialist, Netherland

At the ICWRDEP 2021 International seminar, 6 topics were offered related to the latest issues to water resources, including:

  1. River Engineering and Management
  2. Coastal Engineering and Management
  3. Environmental Engineering and Sanitation
  4. Water Resources Engineering and Management
  5. Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction
  6. Water-related to Civil, Architectural Engineering

This seminar is expected to provide a forum for scientific discussion for students, the general public, and water resource policymakers. The presented paper will also be published to the IOP Proceedings indexed by Scopus

Considering the increasing land degradation and decreasing environmental carrying capacity recently, this seminar is also expected to present the latest technological developments and methods in efforts to manage Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.

The 2021 ICWRDEP activity is an international seminar activity that is held every 2 years. In 2021, ICWRDEP activities are chaired by Dr. Eng Ir. Riyanto Haribowo, ST, MT, HDI.

This international seminar is a forum for academics (researchers, lecturers, students), practitioners (consultants and contractors), as well as stakeholders (stakeholders, local governments, central government, BUMN, etc.), to share knowledge related to the latest findings, both knowledge, and technology for planning, management, and strategy of new water resources towards the sustainability of the quality of our environment and living conditions.

This activity also aims to encourage the water resources community to think globally while acting locally, and to expand local efforts to achieve global success.

“From this experience sharing, it is hoped that the management of water resources and the environment can be sustainable and can be achieved well,” concluded Riyanto. (humasft)