Kursi Wol Domba Beraroma Peppermint Meminimalkan Dampak Pembelajaran Daring dan WFH

The Covid-19 pandemic requires people to stay at home a lot, both learning and working are done online, or often known as WFH (Work From Home).

This causes people to be less mobile and active outside so that it can trigger boredom, anxiety, stress, and fear.

In addition, the impact given is aches in the body caused by sitting too long. This is very disturbing in doing Distance Learning and WFH.

Inspired by this phenomenon, four UB Chemical Engineering (Teknim) students created Si DOMINO, a Sheep Wool Chair with Peppermint Scent to minimize the impact of Distance Learning and WFH.

Supervised by A.S. Dwi Saptati Nur Hidayati, ST, MT, this team consists of Nur Rochmah Septia Amanda (Tekim’20), Muhammad Rifki Ridhollah (Teknim’17), Maulida Zumrotul Azizah (Tekim’20), and Karolina Patrisia Bupu (Tekim’20) .

Nur Rochma Septia Amanda as the team leader explained that the team used local sheep’s wool because in Indonesia it’s still not widely used. Its rough characteristics and larger diameter than foreign wool, make it less suitable for clothing.

“Local sheep’s wool is still considered as waste. Therefore, we use it as a filling for Si Domino’s,” explained the student who is usually called Amanda.

In making this Si DOMINO chair, Amanda and her team supplied raw materials for sheep’s wool in Mojorejo District, Batu City.

Kursi Wol Domba Beraroma PeppermintTo minimize body aches, Si DOMINO is designed with several tilt positions so that users feel comfortable. Si DOMINO chair is also designed with the addition of a peppermint aroma.

The peppermint scent is known for its natural aroma which can relieve stress, increase energy, sharpened the mind, and increase concentration so it is very suitable to be used as aromatherapy when studying/working at home.

Moreover, the Si DOMINO wrapping cloth also uses batik motifs to preserve Indonesian culture.

This innovation is expected to continue to benefit the environment and society not only during the pandemic but also after the pandemic is over.

From these innovations, these four students managed to get research funds from the Ministry of Education in the Student Creativity Week in Entrepreneurship category and are expected to represent UB in PIMNAS XXXIV next October. (humasft)