MAI team is kindly inviting you to join the Online Space Summer School, 1-9 August 2022, devoted to Moon exploration and exploitation. Within the school, students will attend lively and informative lectures by guest speakers and participate in a project marathon under the supervision of the leading MAI experts.

What is a project marathon?
Students will be divided into the groups and given the same task (like How to collect 1 liter of water or How to build a Moon base, To develop a concept of the Moon Internet, etc.). Each team develops its unique project and presents it at the end of the school. A team that offers the best solution wins a prize.

What else is included?
Experts will give interviews and lectures on the main topic and extra classes on soft skills.
As the result, each student will gain extensive knowledge in space systems and obtain competencies like team work, creative thinking and presentation skills.

Who are the lecturers?
MAI professors, guests and young scientists from Russia, China and India will share their experience and answer the questions.

Who are invited?
We kindly invite your students with background on mathematics and physics.
Age: 18-25

You may find the details and apply at and contact us directly at

We are always here to guide you into the Space!

Best regards,

Sofia Ogorelysheva

Summer School Manager
International Department
Moscow Aviation Institute
+7 499 158 00 27