TIUB kopi

A group of lecturers from the Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (DTI FT-UB) conducted a Community Service (PKM) DIPA activity with the title “Science and Technology for the Community of Bromo Coffee SMEs in Developing Innovations for Probolinggo Original Local Coffee Products”.

Aiming to disseminate the application of research results and socialize the results of activities on campus, the PKM Team cooperates with activity partners, namely the Probolinggo coffee entrepreneur who are members of the Bromo Coffee Association with the chairman Mr. Edy Priyanto.

“The PKM team performs community service activity by providing three main agendas, namely in the fields of production processes, business management, and marketing,” said the Head of the PKM Team, Ir. Endra Yuafanedi Arifianto, ST. MT.

The production process sector provides assistance with spice slicing machine equipment to assist the ginger spice slicing process for the Probolinggo spiced coffee variant.

“With the help of this machine, production activities can be carried out faster and more productively,” explained the entrepreneurship course lecturer.

Then, in business management, the team provides insight into the importance of organization and industrial management, entrepreneurial spirit, and business financial management.

To increase consumer reach, the team carried out product promotion activities through social media, particularly through YouTube and Instagram content.

“Of course, this promotion through social media is very in line with the times if it is adjusted to Indonesia as one of the most internet users in the world,” he added.

The community service program is still ongoing until October 2022, particularly assisting in production, calculating costs, and preparing promotional content. It is hoped that the potential of this Bromo Coffee product can be known in various parts of Indonesia

In addition to Endra, the community service program involve lecturers Ir. Dwi Hadi Sulistyarini, ST., MT., Hary Sudjono, S.Si., MT., Ir. Oyong Novareza, ST., MT., Ph.D., Ir. Ihwan Hamdala, ST., MT., IPM., and Arif Rahman, ST., MT.

Dipa’s PKM team also involved six students who simultaneously carried out 4 credits of PKM activities. This activity also fulfills the criteria for lecturers to be active outside the campus and students to be active outside the campus.

“We encourage students to continue to do real work for the community through activities that can apply technology appropriately for its benefits and can provide an applied science that can empower the community,” he concluded.