foto kelompok Eggshell Candy

The unique collaboration of the Faculty of Engineering and Medicine Universitas Brawjaya (UB) students! They produce healthy candies rich in calcium for children. The team utilizes eggshell waste as a new source of calcium in snacks, one of which is candy.

This smart idea was brought by the team that won the 2022 Student Creativity Week (PKM) 8 Fields from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. The team included Rizka Adintya Safira, Pradinska Nahda Wafiya, Silvia Dyah Pitaloka, Hezkia Kharah Anggi Sihombing (Water Resources Engineering), Indira Swastika Utama (Medicine).

Eggshell candy is made from eggshell extraction which is added with citric acid, resulting in calcium citrate being more easily absorbed by the body. It has a chewy texture with various fruit flavors such as strawberry, melon, and orange.

These candies are sold at affordable prices starting from Rp. 3,000.00/pack with 2 items and Rp. 6,000.00/pack with 5 items. Eggshell candy can be obtained online at Shopee under the name eggshellcandy shop.

“At first we found out that egg shells contain a lot of calcium, which is especially good for bones and teeth in humans. Unfortunately, this waste has not been utilized optimally,” said Rizka as the team leader.

Eggs are one of the most popular food ingredients. As of 2020, egg consumption in Indonesia reaches 28.16 kg per capita per year. From this data, it will undoubtedly cause eggshells to be wasted. In fact, there is up to 97% calcium carbonate in eggshells.

Indira explained that until now the calcium intake of Indonesian children is still not sufficient for daily calcium needs. With this candy, it is expected to be able to meet 4% of calcium based on the Nutritional Adequacy Ratio (RDA).

“We hope that the eggshell candy product can be a new alternative in meeting the daily calcium intake for children, especially for children who are lactose intolerant,” concluded Silvi, one of the team members.