EIVRE , aplikasi untuk memfasilitasi penduduk desa untuk menikmati sekaligus menghematlistrik

Many areas in Indonesia can only enjoy electricity during the day or have not even had electricity yet. One of them is in a village in North Sumatra, from UB’s Electrical Engineering student, Andreas Sober Sinaga.

Limited access and the village’s distance from the city means that the village can only enjoy electricity during the day, and at night there will be power outages.

This aroused Andreas’ passion for finding solutions to problems that, in fact, greatly impacted all aspects of this society.

This 2021 Faculty of Engineering student was inspired to build several such as PLTS, PLTA, PLTB, and even power plants using cow dung.

“Later on, these power plants will be integrated with the Hybrid Energy System so that later there will be automation; during the day residents use electricity from PLN, and at night they will use electricity from generators that have been stored in batteries,” Andreas explained.

MyHomely Smart Home untuk managemen dan optimasi listrik di rumahThe plan, he continued, is that this system will be collaborated with another idea; a smart home with an Energy Conservation System Innovation with a Neural Network Base using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) where later household electricity usage will be managed.

This electrical energy management system has a special LSTM algorithm, and a Neural Network (NN) integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize people’s electricity consumption.

The SERUGA system utilizes household energy in several pattern groups in the LSTM Neural Network, which will later be used to predict energy use activities in the future.

“This system can provide recommendations and interventions regarding using more efficient electrical energy, not only in rural areas but also in cities,” said Andreas.

This activity is supported by home electrical components that are integrated with IoT and internet network communication protocols so that each component can be connected.

This system will save household electricity use and can greatly impact other villages to get an adequate electricity supply.

The collaboration of these systems supports the realization of SDGs no 7 and 11, clean and affordable energy, and sustainable cities and settlements so that later Indonesia can become a developed country in 2045.

Hafizh dan Andreas mewakili UB pada International Youth Exchange and Conference (IYEC) 3 Chapter TurkeyThis brilliant idea called Electricity Independent Village With Renewable Energy (EIVRE) brings Andreas to be fully funded to participate in International Youth Exchange and Conference (IYEC) 3 Chapter Turkey.

With Muhammad Hafizh Al Ghiffari (Architecture ’22) and his platform, i-Desaku, they will represent Universitas Brawijaya in a series of activities organized by Indonesian Youth Action in Turkey on 12-21 May 2023.