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dafulThousands of students from the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) Undergraduates, Master, and Doctoral Programs carry out academic registration activities (Re-registration) for Even Semester 2018/2019. This activity was carried out online while KHS (Study Results Cards) collection activities and KRS (Study Plan Cards) were carried out in their respective Departments.
After fulfilling the obligation for administrative registration at the UB’ partner bank, students are required to conduct academic registration at the faculty. This re-registration process took place from 31 December 2018 to today, 11 [...]

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Aftermbak desi being sworn in on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, the position of the Head of the Subdivision of Student and Alumni Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) was officially held by Desi Kurniasari, S.Pd.
Desi who previously served as Treasurer of Salaries in the Finance Department, officially replaced Suryawan, S.Sos who had finished his duty.
In this new position, Desi is responsible for all student administration and student institutional activities. In addition, she is also responsible for coordinating, gathering and documenting all [...]

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periode 5In November the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) released 202 graduates on the Period IV and V Graduation of the 2018/2019 Academic Year. The process of releasing graduates was held at the Prof. Ir Suryono Auditorium, 2nd Floor, FT-UB Building on Friday, November 16 and 23, 2018.
In the period IV graduation there were 102 graduates with 21 graduates receiving cum laude. The best graduate in this period was achieved by Olivia Ferlita with a 3.93 GPA from Electrical Engineering. While [...]

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IMG_7988Along with the Vision of the Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) that In 2020, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya became an eminent institution in the field of engineering in Asia, and is able to play an active role in national development through education, research, and community service.
This activity is a stabilization and acceleration of internationalization programs that have been implemented so far. Some programs have been outlined in the Faculty of Engineering’s Operational Plan (Renop) including accreditation, student exchanges and international classes. The speakers [...]

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bizBrawijaya University in 2018 carried out bureaucratic reforms, namely renewal and fundamental changes to the system of governance to create good governance. This is done by rearranging bureaucratic processes from the highest to the lowest levels, making new breakthroughs (innovation breakthrough) with gradual steps, concrete, realistic, earnest, thinking out of the ordinary/existing routines (out of the box thinking), paradigm shift (a new paradigm shift), and with extraordinary effort (business not as usual).
With the existence of good governance and good government, it is expected to [...]

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krida5Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) gathers all new students (freshmen) 2018/2019 in Krida Mahasiswa to build the potential of new students especially in the field of science and technology innovation through Student Creativity Program (PKM).
Starting on Saturday, September 8, 2018, Krida will be held for 2 months every weekend until the end of October. Hundreds of new students were gathered to first have a morning routine activity through technical exercises before being divided into four clusters to receive material and mentoring [...]

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wisuda periode X 2018Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) graduated 121 graduates on the graduation period of X Academic Year 2017/2018. The graduation procession was held at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir. Suryono, 2nd Floor of FT-UB Building on Friday, April 6, 2018.
In the report of Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph as Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, in this graduation there are 116 graduates from the undergraduate program and 2 graduates from Magister program. Out of this number, 20 people graduated [...]

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pupr3The Government of Indonesia is currently intensively building infrastructure throughout Indonesia. The need for experts requires universities, especially those in the field of engineering to deliver competent engineers in their fields. Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) as one of the sources of engineers notice how important to build candidates for expert for National development. Therefore today, Monday, February 19, 2018 FTUB signed the MoU with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR).
PUPR since 1979 until now has conducted training in [...]

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IMG_1161Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) released graduates period VIII, Academic Year of 2017/2018. The graduation procession of this graduation ceremony was held at the Auditorium of Prof. Ir Suryono, 2nd Floor of FT-UB Building on Friday, February 9, 2018.
In that night ceremony Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Ishardita Pambudi Tama, ST., MT., Ph.D. reported, in this graduation, there are 83 graduates of the undergraduate program, 15 graduates from master’s program, and 3 from the doctoral program. Of the 101 number 15 graduated with cum [...]

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Workshop PSPPI 5The development of the world of engineering demands engineering graduates in Indonesia to become a strong resource of professionalism. To meet the needs of the number of engineering degree holders, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Higher Education Technology and Education under Kemenristekdikti provide a mandate to 40 universities to organize the Professional Engineer Program.
To fulfill that mandate, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB) held a Preparation Workshop on Professional Engineer Program (PSPPI) today, Monday, January [...]

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