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kopi (2)Coffee is the most popular commodity in the world. The coffee drinking habbit is very diverse depend on the culture of each countries. There are those who like bitter,  sour, and even sweet coffee. Likewise in Indonesia, when hangout with friends coffee usually became the main dish.

Even so, if this coffee drinking habbit increasing exessively, it may cause the health problem. The content of caffeine in coffee has a negative impact on health if it’s not ballanced with a healthy lifestyle. Moreover the increase in this habbit is accompanied by a low number in consuming fruits for the fulfillment of micronutrients in the body.

Dealing with this fact, the BATACO Indonesia Team offers innovation in coffee products by extracting Indonesian tropical fruit (Mangosteen, Pineapple, Banana, and Soursop). This fruit extract is combined with Arabica Coffee.

This innovation provides a solution for coffee lover in meeting micronutrients in the body. This product can also prevent blood hardening (hardening of the arteries) that results in strokes, prevent heart attacks due to the effects of caffeine which results in strong contractions in the heart, and can improve brain performance in improving memory.

With this finding, the Indonesian Bataco Team UB succeeded in bringging home a Gold Medal from the International Invention and Innovative Competition (InIIC) 2019 Malaysia. The joint team of Electrical Engineering (TE) and Agribusiness (Agr) UB is able to compete with more than 100 other innovations at Hotel Malacca, Malaysia thanks to the guidance of Eka Maulana, ST, MT, MEng.

kopi (1)The BATACO Indonesia team consisted of Yusril Fatahilmi (TE’16), Elok Paikoh (Agr’15), Novita Kartika Kusuma Wardani (Agr’16), Fajar Noor Alamsyah N. (Agr’16), and Muhamad Ibnu Fajar (TE’17 ). All teams left for Malaysia to present their works on 27-29 April 2019.

Asked about future plans for BATACO Indonesia’s development, Yusril Fatahilmi expressed his hope for developing this research.

“We are able to make this product as a new Indonesian gold product that is loved by the community. BATACO Indonesia is also able to be a solution to fulfill micronutrients in the community without eliminating the existing culture,” he said.

Representing the BATACO Indonesia team, Yusril expressed his gratitude to Dr. Eng. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT. (Vice Dean 3 of FTUB), Ir. Hadi Suyono S.T. (Head of the TEUB Department), Dr. Ir. Damanhuri, MS (FPUB Dean), Eka Maulana as the supervising lecturer, and all parties who have supported the team’s success.

“Alhamdulillah, we have strong support. Hopefully this research will be able to continue and be able to provide benefits to the community, especially Indonesia,” hoped Yusril, met at the FTUB Building, 12 June 2019. (HumasFTUB)

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