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DSC02336Preparing the Introduction to Campus Life (PK2) of New Students (Maba) in the academic year of 2019/2020, the Dean gathered all faculty and department leaders together with all related committees to monitor their readiness. All committees from the lecturers, administrative staff, to students were gathered in the Prof. Ir Suryono Auditorium on August 10, 2019.

The Dean of FTUB, Dr. Ir. Pitojo Tri Juwono strictly checked the attendance of the entire committee and ensured that representatives of all majors attended.

“Please call all committee that has not been present yet! We will start after all are present so that they can really plan and prepare as well as possible, orderly, and provide maximum benefits for freshmen,” he said before starting the preparation meeting.

DSC02345Chairman of the PK2 Maba 2019/2020, Redy Bintarto ST., M.Eng.Pract., reported that the number of new students enrolled up to that afternoon was 1,389 freshmen. Each of them is 182 from Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 176, Electrical Engineering 178, Water Engineering 176, Architecture 175, PWK 168, Industrial Engineering 200, and Chemical Engineering 134.

“This year is a challenge because there is an increase of around 400 students. So we need to coordinate the existing space, the facilities needed, and the movement of new students from one place to another in the FT environment,” he said.

The Dean said in his directives, there are two aspects that must be considered when preparing PK2 Maba. The first is how the committee must provide insight into the higher education life with all its existing regulations.

DSC02387The second aspect is that PK2 provides an understanding of the life order of the scientific community. The scientific community here implies a society with highly maintained moral and religious, has a rational mindset that is critical, creative, and loves/ maintains the good name of the alma mater.

The main objective of this PK2 is to introduce campus life to new students so that they can easily adapt to various activities in the academic and non-academic environments.

“In PK2 there are preparations, Educational Orientation (Ordik), and Student Orientation (Ormawa). Activities are included classes, discussions, site/ lab visits, games with a humanistic approach, avoiding mental and physical violence,” he explained.

DSC02363Furthermore the Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Dr.Eng. Ir. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT conveyed what materials should be given; national insight, academic regulations, culture, manners, scientific ethics, student organizations, development of reasoning, talent, & interests, morality, togetherness, and the principles of journalism.

“Those are the contents that must be delivered to new students, if it cannot be delivered comprehensively in PK2 which is only two days, it can be continued at Krida,” he explained.

The thing that must be emphasized to new students is that PK2 is mandatory. If they don’t participate this year, they have to take the next PK2. For those who pass PK2 will get a certificate.

Before closing the event, the Dean stressed that during the PK2 process there should not be physical or mental violence.

“What we manage is a child entrusted by parents from all over Indonesia to get an education. Let’s give positive guidance, a good example so that they will emulate us in a positive way so it may provide additional motivation to motivate in college,” he said.

TotTo note the PKUB PK2 committee has gone through the Training of Trainer (ToT) which was held on July 25, 2019, ago. The student committee was trained and provided with materials related to the introduction of campus life. Presenting Mohammad Syamsun Nasichun, or who is usually called Kak Acun from Mata Hati Care Center, the committee was also provided with material on motivation to be a good leader and example for their junior.

“InshaaAllah the preparations are ready, hopefully, this year’s PK2 will run smoothly, orderly, and better than in previous years,” hoped Redy Bintarto as the Chair of the Committee.

PK2 at the university level is held today, August 13, 2019. While at the Faculty level it will be held on August 14, and the Department level on August 15, 2019. (mic)

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