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indra setyawanUniversitas Brawijaya Electrical Engineering (TEUB) success in bringing home two achievements from the selection of 2019 UB Outstanding Academic and Administrative Education Personnel. Not only achieving Outstanding Lecturer, but TEUB also won the award for the Outstanding Education Laboratory Personel.

With his work, the Android-based Electronic Engine Information System (SIMETIK) application, Indra Setyawan, ST managed to become the First Winner of the Outstanding Education Laboratory Personel UB 2019. This application made it easier for stakeholders to get information related to electric machinery laboratories.

“Mainly students, if they need to register for practicum or see announcements related to the lab, they just need to access it from their mobile phone. Just download it from the play store or the official website of the electric machine lab,, it’s free,” he explained.

Asked the reason for making this application, he revealed nowadays, students who are mostly millennials prefer practical things. Manually pasted mading is not attractive and too complicated.

“They can use it anytime in their cellphone, so information can be accessed faster,” he said.

simetikAsked about future plans, he only hoped that UB would build a similar application that accommodates every laboratories information in UB. If this is done, Indra also dares to say that the ISO standard used by UB in customer satisfaction will increase.

“Our Department Leader always gives encouragement to develop ourselves so that the knowledge is always updated and thank God they support it. Learning new things is exciting but also confusing haha…” he concluded jokingly.

Indra also often joins lecturer research, one of which is the Power System Engineering and Energy Management Research Group. (HumasFTUB)

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