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lentera riang (8)Psychosocial is a condition that affects psychology and mental health because of an impact on the surrounding environment. Psychosocial is very dangerous for someone’s impact, especially to children.

These psychosocial factors include depression, stress, and living conditions such as the condition of the family environment, place of residence, and friendship.

In broken home family, or if the parents involved in criminal cases, this can affect the child’s mental state to be unruly (loss control), careless, temperamental, and selfish towards their.

This is what affects the formation of street children who have to take to the streets to beg and even have behavior and speech that are not in accordance with norms, culture, and religion.

lentera riang (9)The most influential thing is the lack of education given by parents to their children. Usually it caused by parents inability to provide educational, attention, and affection needs.

The Lentera Riang Team comes to provide solutions to support education and training for street children and parents to increase awareness of the importance of education to children. They also provide creativity training to understand their social, environmental, and even current technology developments.

The Lentera Riang Team has conducted training and education for street children and their parent mothers in Muharto area. This activity aims to increase the creativity of mothers of street children to be able to produce a product made of waste as a result of processing waste in the environment around Muharto

The team also provided training in planting biopori plants using plastic bottle waste, and provided education to street children regarding nationality, politeness culture, the spirit of chasing dreams, and motoric training in processing used goods into selling items.

lentera riang (11)The Lentera Riang Team that consisted of Yusril Fatahilmi (FT/2016), Elok Paikoh (FP/2015), Novita Kartika Kusuma W. (FP/2016), Fajar Noor Alamsyah N. (FP/2016), and Muhamad Ibnu Fajar (FT/2017) has received the Double Gold Medal and Silver Prize award from KIWIE 2019 (Korea International Women Invention Exposition) on June 20-25, 2019 in South Korea.

The concept offered by Lentera Riang Indonesia successfully competes with 320 inventors from 30 other countries from all over the world such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Zambia Africa, Mongolia, Iran, Germany, Macodonia, etc. All teams managed to present the Lentera Riang social community well under the guidance of Destyana Ellingga Pratiwi, S.P, MP, M.BA.

The team provides S2E-based learning facilities (Social, Education, and Environment) using integration through Crowdfunding (Financial Technology) to provide facilities and trigger communities to participate and assist in supporting their program.

lentera riang (2)On June 30, 2019 Lentera Riang held Sparing Akbar activities in the form of creative handicraft exhibition held by street children and competitions aimed at teaching dexterity and cooperation between teams through fun games to street children.

Muharto people are very supportive of these activities because they can increase knowledge for both street children and housewives.

“Alhamdulillah, with the help of UB’s students, we can make handicrafts from used goods/trash for sale. Hopefully our children will understand the importance of education not easily follow their friends/relatives begging on the street,” said Mrs. Nanik, one of the residents.

lentera riang (5)Asked about future plans for the development of the Lentera Riang, Yusril and the team hoped that this concept could reduce the number of street children in Indonesia, especially in Malang.

“We also hope to get support from the local government and collaboration from several agencies and organizations for the sustainability of this community. Hopefully this community will be able to provide benefits to the wider community,” he hoped. (mic)

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