1. Ilahiyah; all movements and steps must be imbued by the sense of divinity to Alloh Almighty.
  2. Social; every activities based on social activities while prioritizing the freedom of the press.
  3. Technicality; supporting the development and mastery of science and technology in a way of delivering information as much as possible.


As stated in Article 7 of the Articles of Association of LPM SOLID FT UB:

  • Growing professionalism of LPM SOLID FT-UB members .
  • Periodically publish media that at least in the form of:
    - SOLID Magazine.
    - Information Sheet Faculty of Engineering (LIFT).
    - Bulletin.
    - Wall Magazine.
    - Website.
  • Hold regular activities and incidental:
    - Routine activities as in activities carried out at regular intervals over a period.
    - Incidental activities as in activities carried out depend on the circumstances.
  • Trying to establish cooperation with the Student Press Agency and other institutions that are considered important in the development of LPM SOLID FT UB based on the vision and mission ofLPM SOLID FT UB.

Visit LPM SOLID FT UB website here

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