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OHS TIUB (6)Universitas Brawijaya Industrial Engineering (TI-UB) Community Service Team in collaboration with Tazkia International Islamic Boarding School (IIBS) Malang held education and simulation on fire and earthquake disaster response to the 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th-grade students.

The occupational health and safety (OHS) education activity was held twice, on 3 August 2019 on the female campus and 10 August 2019 on the male campus.

Act as the speaker was the Head of Prevention Section of Malang Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Ir. Indra Gita. MM and Malang City Fire Fighting Operational Coordinator M. Teguh Budi Wibowo, SH.OHS TIUB (7)In his presentation, Indra Gita conveyed that disaster-safe schools must be supported by good infrastructure design, students’ understanding of disasters, and support from school leaders.

“Map the potential for disasters first, then follow it up with preventive measures for anti-disaster programs,” he said.

Indra also invited students to sing the instructions to deal with earthquakes that were packaged into song-poems to make them easier to remember.

OHS TIUB (8)Kalau ada gempa lindungi kepala,
kalau ada gempa masuk ke kolong meja.
Kalau ada gempa hindarilah kaca,
kalau gempa reda keluar ruangan saja
(insert the lyric into the Dua Mata Saya song)

OHS TIUB (1)While M. Teguh Budi Wibowo from Damkar of Malang said that the Fire Extinguisher (APAR) was only used to extinguish the initial fire. Physically the size only ranges from 0.6 to 16 kg.

“This size is adjusted to the limits of women’s ability to lift weight in general. I think they still able if it’s only for 100 meters,” he explained.

Hundreds of students enthusiastically follow the material given and also practicing disaster simulations from the instructors. The speakers hoped that if a disaster occurred, students would worry no more because they already know what to do beforehand.

OHS TIUB (4)Head of the Community Service Team Prof. Dr. Ir. Qomariyatus Sholihah, ST., M. Kes., IPU said that the implementation of OHS education activities in disaster response can provide knowledge, awareness, and insight into all risks of a disaster to all elements of Islamic boarding schools, both for students and educators.

This OHS disaster not only provides education about the first things to do when a disaster occurs but also about the safety standards that must be met especially for high rise buildings.

OHS TIUB (3)“This aims to minimize the number of fatalities when a disaster occurs and create a school area that is conducive, ready, and responsive to disasters that can occur at any time,” she said.

In addition to Qomariyatus Sholihah, the community service involve Dewi Hardiningtyas, ST., MT., MBA., Angga Akbar Fanani, ST., MT., Astuteryanti Tri Lustyana, ST., MT., and students; Debby Zalina, Neqi Salma Auladana, Dhymas Apriliyanto Widodo, and Byan Rifki Abhiyoza. (and/mic)

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