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RaymondThe Engineering Professional Department, Study Program of Professional Engineer Program (PSPPI) FTUB carried out the second portfolio assessment on April 26 – May 3, 2019, in the PSPPI and Journal Room, 4th floor of FTUB Building.

This portfolio evaluation is a form of assessment through the Past Learning Recognition (RPL) program. This RPL system is an acknowledgment of the outcomes obtained from formal, non-formal education, and/or work experience in the field of engineering.

Quite different from the first assessment, this year final assessment was carried out by the internal assessor of PSPPI FTUB. The assessors included Prof. Ir. Ludfi Djakfar, MSCE, Ph.D., IPM., Ir. Sugeng P Budio, MS., IPM., Ir. Suprapto, MS., IPM., and Ir. Nasir Widha Setyanto, ST., MT., IPM.

“In the first year, all assessors are from PPI. But now, since we already have those eligible people to carry out the assessment, we do it internally,” explained Ir. Rinawati P. Handajani as The Secretary of the Department.

It was quite encouraging, of the twenty students who took part in the assessment, all of them were declared fulfilling the requirements and graduating with the title of Engineer (Ir.).

“In the second batch, the average work experience in engineering has been at least four years, so seeing the portfolio, of course, they’re all passed,” said Prof. Ir. Ludfi as The Head of the Department as well as the assessor.

In this even Semester of the 2018-2019 period, there were 20 students with diverse work backgrounds/institutions. Some of them are from PT. PP, PT. Reka Surya Prima Daya – Bandung (PLTMH), Dr. Sayidman Magetan, Central for Implementation of National Road VIII Surabaya, PT. Jasa Tirta Malang, Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Malang City, also the Teaching Staff/Lecturers from UB Faculty of Agriculture and FTUB Civil Engineering Department.

“Congratulations to all students who have passed, hopefully, this degree can be used to support engineering practice properly and responsibly,” said Prof. Ludfi.

PSPPI is implemented to comply with the Republic of Indonesia Government Regulation Number 25 of 2019 concerning Implementation Regulations of Law No. 11 of 2014 concerning Engineering. Chapter IV Article 17 (1) states that “Every Engineer who will carry out Engineering Practices in Indonesia must have an Engineer Registration Letter, which is obtained after obtaining a Certificate from the Engineer Professional Program“.

Successfully graduating from the PSPPI Program made the twenty students eligible to hold the title of Engineer (Ir.) and officially have the right to conduct Engineering Practices in Indonesia. (Rina/Mic)

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