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AIRP (2)Two delegates from Water Resources Engineering won 1st place, Favorite Stan, and 1st Runner at the CINNERTION National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN) D’VILLAGE 9th Edition 2019 organized by the Civil Diploma Student Association, Vocational Faculty, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, (30/Mar/2019).

The first team, the Nereus-64 Team won 1st place and Favorite Stan. The team consists of two 2015 students, Mohammad Aziizun Fahmi, and Novi Fadhilah Rahma. Guided by Bambang Winarta, ST., MT., Ph.D., this team made a work entitled “Strategy for Using TRMM Rainfall Data as an Alternative to Digital Technology-Based Hydrological Data”.

While the 1st runner was achieved by the Infiltrasite-64 Team which consisted of Dwi Laksana Aji Putra, Ayu Khurotul Aini Amalia, and Rizki Ramadhani Pratama. With the guidance of Dr. Eng Tri Budi Prayogo, ST., MT., this team made a work entitled “Strategies for Optimizing Water Resources in the Arjowinangun-Tlogowaru Industrial Estate in Malang City Concepting ICOFI (Integrated Eco-Friendly Technology) in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution”.

Both teams along with the other three finalists have gone through the screening process for four months starting on December 10, 2018, ago. Abstract assessment is the initial stage of the competition to determine 21 participants who passed the stage of collecting and evaluating scientific papers.

The final round took place on March 30, 2019, at the ITS Campus, Manyar, Surabaya. In addition to participating in LKTIN, the participants also participated in a series of D’VILLAGE 9th Edition 2019 activities, including load testing on bridges in the Bridge Construction Competition category, maket booth exhibition, and Civil Talk with the theme ‘The Future of Surabaya Transportation’.

AIRP (1)Representing the two teams, Aziizun hopes that this activity can be an inspiration for fellow students. “As students, we are required to become a driving force that thirsts for academic and non-academic achievements for Indonesia better. Keep trying tirelessly and pray endlessly,” he said motivating.

TAziizun who is usually called Azun also added that in addition to critical thinking, innovation is also very much needed in the development of a country. “Hopefully this innovation can provide a little incision for the development of this country and make it a motivation for friends to always think about and participate in the development of this country for the better. Write history with cool ink in your life, then you will be remembered until that time! “He said.

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