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summer (3)Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) is always committed to strengthening international relations. This time five Water Resources Engineering (WRE) students accompanied by Dr. Eng. Riyanto Haribowo, ST., MT., attended Yamaguchi University (YU) – Universitas Brawijaya Summer Course 2019 on June 16-29, 2019.

The five students included the 2015 class Wibi Bagus Prasetyo and four 2016 students; Iqbal Maulana M, Vinda Hafsari, Erinna Melina Prasetyo, and Husna Nadhira Awfiyaa.

This activity is a manifestation of the implementation of the cooperation that has been established between the FTUB WRE Department and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University.

summerThis summer course itself aims to provide opportunities for students who have an interest in studying abroad, especially in Japan to have the opportunity to experience life as an international student directly at Yamaguchi University.

This activity covers various activities both in class, field activity, field trip, and homestay. The participants are also required to take Japanese lessons.

The material obtained by participants during the program included air pollution, remote sensing, environmental DNA, river simulation, waste design, hydraulics, concrete, sanitation techniques, UAV photogrammetry, and wastewater treatment plants.

summer (4)“Participants get a lot of new knowledge, he said, some will be used as material for their thesis in the future,” said Dr.Eng Riyanto.

New experiences were also obtained during field trips. Participants were invited to visit Kintaikyo bridge, Miyajima Island, and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and museum. but the most valuable experience for the participants is of course during the homestay. They had the opportunity to experience how to live with Japanese families.

summer (2)“Very happy, ’cause this is my first time in Japan. When I lived with my family in Japan, we really were learning and practicing independently socializing with family and new environment, doing various activities like learning to cook Japanese food, tea ceremonies, wearing yukata, and lots of valuable experience,” said Vinda, one of the Summer Camp participants happily.

In addition to the participants, Dr. Eng Riyanto also added that with this activity, it is expected that UB’s relationship especially FTUB with Yamaguchi University will be tightly intertwined. It is possible for the two institutions to develop opportunities for collaboration later.

summer (1)“It might be possible to send each other professors in the framework of visiting professors, exchange students both for short courses and for further study,” he added.

Nearing the end of the program, each participant is required to give a presentation about everything that has been obtained for two weeks. After the presentation, Prof. Hiromori Tsutsumi as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering YU gave certificates to each participant and the program ended with a farewell party. (mic)

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