FTUB menerima studi banding dari FTI UII

The Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) received a comparative study visit from the Faculty of Industrial Technology, Islamic University of Indonesia (FTI UII) in the 3rd floor Meeting Room of the FTUB Building on Wednesday, 29 November 2023.

Dean of FTUB Prof. Ir. Hadi Suyono, ST., MT., Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng., warmly welcomed the arrival of the FTI UII group.

In his speech, Prof. Hadi Suyono said that both parties had previously signed a cooperation agreement, in the future it is hoped that this cooperation agreement can be realized with various kinds of activities.

“I hope that we can share what resources we have together, such as resources for research or the latest software,” he explained.

Furthermore, the professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering explained other activities that could be carried out together, including joint conferences, accepting inbound students, and collaboration in the field of scientific journals.

“Essentially, we can collaborate using each other’s resources to raise each other’s profiles. “We also learned a lot from the management of FTI UII,” he explained.

Also present to welcome the FTI UII group included the Vices Dean, Head of Department, Head of Sub Division, Expert Staff to the Dean, and Expert Staff to the Vice Dean within the FTUB environment.

Meanwhile, the FTI UII group consisted of Dean Prof Dr Ir Hari Purnomo MT IPU ASEAN Eng, Vice Dean for Resources Dr Agus Mansur ST MEngSc, Vice Dean for Religious Affairs for Students and Alumni Dr Arif Hidayat ST MT, as well as all Heads of Divisions and Heads of Affairs at FTI UII environment.

Dean of FTI UII Prof. Hari Purnomo said that the aim and purpose of the group’s arrival was for a more in-depth comparative study regarding the supporting unit process in supporting the implementation of the education process.

“And of course, we need to increase cooperation, because we have signed a cooperation agreement. Later we will convey to the relevant study programs what activities need to be improved further,” he explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Hari Purnomo strongly agrees with the research collaboration between the two parties to increase joint publications.

“We will follow up on what is important enough. Hopefully, what we do together will provide mutual benefits, especially because we have a shared responsibility to educate the nation’s children,” he hoped. (and/mic)