Universitas Brawijaya (UB) inaugurated 4 new professors on Thursday (7/12/2023) at the Samantha Krida Building, 3 of whom are from the Faculty of Engineering. One of the new professors is Prof. Dr. Eng. Donny Harisuseno, S.T., M.T. He, who is a Professor in the field of Hydrology and Water Resources Conservation, delivered a scientific oration entitled System Hybrid-G2I (Green-Gray Infrastructure): A Rainwater Runoff Management Based on Water Conservation.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Donny Harisuseno, S.T., M.T. presents a new approach to managing stormwater runoff. As the 23rd active Professor at FT and the 193rd active Professor at UB, he is also the 352nd Professor of all Professors that UB has produced.

The latest concept he is promoting is to overcome the problem of rainwater runoff in urban areas. The approach, known as System Hybrid-G2I (Green-Gray Infrastructure), integrates physical drainage infrastructure or gray infrastructure with environmental components to increase the resilience and flexibility of runoff management.

In his presentation, Prof. Donny highlighted the weaknesses of conventional runoff management concepts which rely more on physical channels.

“The Hybrid-G2I system, apart from supporting water conservation, also has advantages in maintaining the quality of ground and surface water. “However, the challenge faced is that its implementation is local and depends on the availability of physical space in urban areas,” he explained.

His research explains that the Hybrid-G2I System can be an alternative sustainable solution to overcome the problem of rainwater runoff in urban areas. However, its implementation requires a strong commitment from the relevant parties.

“It is hoped that the involvement of the community and local government can maximize the potential of this concept as the latest solution in managing water resources,” he continued.

The key to the success of the Hybrid-G2I System is still limited to urban physical space. So further study is needed with the government regarding this matter. However, if it can be implemented, the city will not need to worry about water quality and can withstand climate change.[drn]